Mission Statement 

The mission of the Easton Legacy Fund is to sustain and enhance Easton’s quality of life. To do that, the fund supports projects of Easton not-for-profits that it believes will make a difference.

Every year the Fund’s Board of Advisors picks the project or projects that it will support, The importance of the project to Easton, and the significance of the grant to the project, are weighed carefully. Priority is given to projects that support the arts, culture, recreation, and local history, but any project that helps a not-for-profit better serve Easton will be given full consideration.

In 2020 the Legacy Fund supported Oakes Ames Memorial Hall’s purchase of new curtains for its main stage. In 2021, it helped to fund a new truck for the Easton Food Pantry. And in 2022 it gave to Smith Farm for the construction of a handicap access ramp.