Congratulations to the 2024 Winner!
Easton Garden Club


The recipient of this year’s Grant is Easton Garden Club. In honor of Easton’s Tricentennial, which will be celebrated throughout 2025, the Easton Garden Club will design, implement, and maintain a Tricentennial Garden on the grounds of the Easton Historical Society. This garden will feature native plants, shrubs, and trees, using historical selections based on plant species growing at the oldest botanical gardens on the East Coast. The garden will be circular in design, incorporating pathways leading to a central hardscape area. Within this central area, the hardscape will contain memorial plaques currently on site, as well as a seating area.

Watch as the Easton Garden Club is awarded the Leagacy Fund’s 2024 grant:

2023 Winner:
Children’s Museum Easton


Easton Legacy Fund is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2023 Grant is Children’s Museum Easton (CME). The grant will go towards replacing 2 exterior doors that are in poor shape: one serves the needs of those with limited ability and the other is an emergency fire exit. CME’s Executive Director, Christine Santoro, plans to have the doors replaced this fall as part of the Museum’s annual spruce-up. Look for updates on the progress in newsletters and on social media.

2022 Winner:
Smith Farm


“Thanks to a generous grant of $3,500 from the Easton Legacy Fund, the Smith Farm has received funding to construct a handicap ramp for the Asahel Smith Farmhouse. Built in 1880 by Dr. Asahel Smith, the Asahel Smith Farmhouse is nestled in what is now Borderland State Park. The renovation is an ongoing project of Smith Farm to preserve the historic farmhouse. Once restored, Smith Farm will be available to the community for a wide range of community wellness activities, particularly as a place of retreat and respite for local veterans.”

 Rich Eastman, President

2021 Winner:
Easton Food Pantry

“This year’s Legacy Fund gift will contribute to the cost of a new van to replace one that the Food Pantry now rents at a cost of $400 per week. Over the years we have used trucks and trailers to expand our food storage capacity, as well as to make food pick-ups. The Food Pantry is a not-for-profit, staffed 100% by unpaid volunteers. Every week it distributes food to approximately 100 Easton families from its offices in the basement of the Town Hall. And on holidays or in emergencies like the pandemic, that number can go up to 150 or more.”

 Ken Wood, Director

2020 Winner:
Oakes Ames Memorial Hall

“The Oakes Ames Memorial Hall Association is honored to have been the first recipient of a Legacy Fund grant. The $3,000 award will be used to replace worn stage curtains on the upstairs stage. As the Easton Shovel Town Cultural District Performance & Event Center, our stage is very important to us. The Legacy Fund’s generous donation has sparked our fundraising campaign to raise $15,000 for improvements to the stage. On behalf of the board, thank you.”

 Fred Ames, President